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TechCentrica’s Englighting Punters

With great power comes great responsibility and together we can do something wonderful.

Showing its sovereignty, TechCentrica hooks up with its number of big clients to execute its best for them. The projects are successfully completed with full power & responsibility, with a team of experts. A lot more to come...

TechCentrica To Develop Mobile Application & Website Page Renovation - ICSI

TechCentrica took the responsibility to design & develop the mobile application (Golden Jublee Celebration) & brand new website home page of ICSI. Our well skilled creative developers create a stimulating website along with fully reliable mobile application.

The application & website portrays a ripened new look structured design satisfying our client. With the modern, creative & technical solutions & quality content, the ICSI appreciates TechCentrica's appealing services.

TechCentrica Thrives The Website For India Infrastructure Finance Limited

IIFCL, a big name in itself was looking for a perfect company to renew its website so, finds TechCentrica's convincing services. Techcentrica is obliged to work for IIFCL.

A thrilling website with a new look & content was made. TechCentrica grows stronger after uniting with Mr. Vishal Rathore, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of IIFCL. Working with IIFCL, a Government body had been the great experience for TechCentrica. The project gratified us for showcasing the renewed dynamic site. The glorious moment of assigning the project to the Director, Mr. Pushap Narain Gupta, made him speak as “We would like to empower our brand by associating with such lavish people again”.

IIM Lucknow - Incubator picked off by TechCentrica

TechCentrica is pleased to work with IIM Lucknow- Incubator. The brand IIM is on the top level list which is depicted on its official website. We were assigned to develop a presentable Website using our exciting skills.

Our designers, developers, and writers of TechCentrica together started their work with full enthusiasm. They crafted an appraising website for our client, for which IIM's Vice President, 'Mr. Raunaque Mustafa' appreciate the pre-eminent efforts of TechCentrica's team. TechCentrica shields to provide after service to our abiding client.

TechCentrica Crowned IIMT Through Online Marketing

We are proud to undertake IIMT’s branding project. TechCentrica’s heartfelt thanks to the Director ‘Mr. Mayank Aggarwal’ for developing great relationship with us. We were called to improve the Internet marketing status of IIMT Group.

The online marketing methodologies used will increase the count of visitors to the website, increasing its rankings. The redundant content is removed with the new keyword stuffing on the pie. TechCentrica will be the digital and technology partner for IIMT & will be responsible for its Online Marketing solutions.

JIMS College Joins It's Hands With TechCentrica

TechCentrica is delighted to be associated with JIMS for its Online marketing operation, through campaigns & publicizing across digital platforms. Our online media experts team has been aiming to boost the popularity of the college.

It is a proceedings of immense pride for our organization that we got an opportunity to be associated with Mr. Deepak Gupta, the Director of JIMS college. In that case the Director of Techcentrica ‘Mr. Pushap Narain Gupta’ said, “The zest to work with JIMS is prolonged but successful”.

GRC India & TechCentrica creating a Greener and Cleaner World for Everyone

Among all the organizations that dedicate themselves to a mission of social responsibility, GRC has most definitely deserved its position. To provide state-of-the-art consulting services for everyone who’s undertaking a development initiative, this company has become instrumental in revealing the true state of economic growth. It’s inherently an initiative undertaken by many individual scientists & environmental experts who want to go directly to the source of the problem.

TechCentrica Crosses The Road of Digital Account

TechCentrica is handling Cross Roads digital strategy which includes all Internet platforms, Social Media Marketing, advertising campaigns, Online Reputation Management. On choosing us as its Digital Partner TechCentrica is grateful to Mr. Harrish Lakhera, CEO of Cross Roads.

The Negative Reviews of Crossroads were removed by TechCentrica, increasing its positive online reviews. The Online Services by us will be rewarded passionately to our Digital Partner. We look forward to a constructive collaboration with them & help them to uproot the gap between company’s current vision and future achievements.

TechCentrica To Publish & Uplift Diamond India On Internet

Diamond India is one of the big names in trading gems. They were searching for a company who can not only create an attractive website but can also digitalize their brand on Internet. So, they choose TechCentrica for this task.

In result, Techcentrica’s professional team has developed a breathtaking website for the same after associating with Mr.Rahul Gupta, CEO of Diamond India.

IMAF aims to crack the Adventure Sports Landscape with TechCentrica Branding

iTvara Mountaineering & Adventure Forum is perhaps the most ambitious undertaking of its kind happening in India. Their first inaugural conference in 2020 shall bring a plethora of different players in the industry together. This shall include prominent personalities within the sector, the neophytes who want to get their feet through door, as well as a number of companies who will be looking for many things, most probably people who’ll help grow their brand.

TechCentrica To Boost Searches For Vishal Pipes On All Planets

Vishal Pipes had been looking for an agency to fame its name. They wanted their brand to touch the heights of identification on Internet platform.

TechCentrica collaborated with Vishal Pipes on the same. They will work to maintain its online reputation & market its brand online, be it on social media or by running other campaigns. Techcentrica is always eager to work for such endless clients.

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